Tyshawn Sorey – Vermisilitude (2017)

Tyshawn Sorey - Vermisilitude (2017)

Tyshawn Sorey – Vermisilitude
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Label: Pi Recordings – PI70 | Tracks: 05 | Rls.date: 2017

‘Verisimilitude’ continues drummer/composer Tyshawn Sorey’s effort to shatter the jazz piano trio tradition by extending the form to encompass the influence of the likes of Feldman, Debussy and Xenakis.

One of the most in-demand drummers in improvised music – he has collaborated extensively with the likes of John Zorn, Vijay Iyer, Steve Lehman, Claire Chase, George Lewis, and Roscoe Mitchell, among myriad others – Sorey is also in the vanguard of artists working in that liminal space between spontaneous composition and notated music. The New Yorker calls Sorey "among the most formidable denizens of [that] in-between zone," while The Wall Street Journal has called him "a composer of radical and seemingly boundless ideas."

Featuring Cory Smythe on piano and Chris Tordini on bass, the trio’s first release, ‘Alloy’ (Pi 2014), was described as "shadowy and elegant" by The New York Times. His 2015 release, ‘The Inner Spectrum of Variables’, which also features the same group joined by a string trio, was called "devastatingly gorgeous" by The Chicago Reader and "a genuine masterwork" by Stereogum. The new work utilizes a wide array of percussion, along with judicious use of electronics to explore a wider textural soundscape. The result is a far-reaching and intensely beautiful work that daringly blurs the boundaries between composition and improvisation.

01 Cascade in Slow Motion
02 Flowers for Prashant
03 Obsidian
04 Algid November
05 Contemplating Tranquility

Tyshawn Sorey (drums, percussion)
Corey Smythe (piano, toy piano, electronics)
Chris Tordini (bass)

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Tyshawn Sorey / Verisimilitude

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5 | 64:03.22 | 14:52.23 | 288247 | 355169

Track 1

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Track 3

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Track 4

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Track 5

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