The Von Rebels – Killing Machine (2016)

The Von Rebels - Killing Machine (2016)

The Von Rebels – Killing Machine (2016)
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Hard Rock | Country: Canada | Label: Falsetto Records

From the world of tattoos, booze fuelled parties, muscle cars, underground bars, wild women and Rock ‘n Roll come the Von Rebels. These denim clad road warriors have been blazing a trail across the Rock n Roll World and made their mark with the EP “Too Damn Loud”, stylistic fast straight-out-the gates Rock ‘n Roll. Their Single “Bad Rep” made waves internationally catching the attention of audiophiles from Canada and the United States to England and Europe. From humble beginnings in seedy dives and underground venues to big stages the Von Rebels are always backed by a tube-amp wall of sound and are napologetically loud. Combining the fury and glory of Punk Rock with the execution of precision of Rock ‘N Roll the Von Rebels make for a must see live show! Powered by Chris Von Danger’s Vocals and Guitar, Davey Rawkit’s Guitar and Back Vocals, Eric Bhell’s Bass and Mike E’s Drums; The Von Rebels run like a well-oiled machine. Their newest album “Killing Machine” raises the bar with its hard-hitting sound.

Track List:
01. Kill It
02. Killing Machine
03. C’mon
04. Kicking Out The Devil
05. Nice Boys
06. The Underground
07. Borrowed Time
08. Too Damn Loud
09. Going Postal
10. RNR
11. Dressed To Kill

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