SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release)

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release)

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release) | 12.5 Gb

Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, announced SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP1, is the 24th annual release of CAD (MCAD, ECAD), simulation, data management and collaboration tools that delivers the power our users need to drive innovation. In this release, 90 percent of the enhancements are driven by user feedback.

This year, you will find more than 250 new features and enhancements in CAD alone with a total of 520 new enhancements spread across all products. Beyond improving day-to-day productivity, approximately 20 percent of those involve new innovations. There are many core CAD enhancements such as variable Chamfer, super features that convert Chamfer to a Fillet for flexible modeling, advanced hole, enhancements to import mesh files, wrap feature, offset surface, better placement of components while mating that can deliver up to 5X in performance improvements over SOLIDWORKS 2016. Magnetic mates with speedpack enhancements makes it fast and easy to manage large modular assemblies. The list for CAD is long and it is best to take a look at what’s new or attend your reseller’s 2017 launch event for a deeper dive.

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release)

Like CAD, there are many innovations in simulation with advanced nonlinear (arc length control), better visualization of hot spots, etc. There are over 100 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical alone. Extending the ECAD ecosystem, we are introducing SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by Altium, and SOLIDWORKS 2017 is the first full major release for SOLIDWORKS PCB. Now, customers like Myomo can design its full system from PCB boards to electrical wiring, to mechanical and simulation of its connected device in a single environment. The best-in-class collaboration between mechanical, electrical and PCB engineers allows SOLIDWORKs customers to decrease development costs, significantly improve time to market and reduce the number of prototypes and errors.

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 fixed SPRs:
213004 Foreign Language – German: Cut, Paste, Drag, Drop: Cannot control-drag/copy multiple selected features in this part.
277941 Assemblies – Interference Detection: Treat sub-assemblies as component functionality shows intra-sub-asm interferences when subassemblies are selected.
378909 Systems – General: AutoRecover does not show available files in Task Pane.
411437 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Frequency, Buckling: Mass participation values are wrong in the interface if your frequency analysis contains more frequencies than a certain number (145 or 45)
414135 SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Connector – Bolt: Applying bolt connectors automatically to a SOLIDWORKS hole series does not include tight fit option.
423028 Assemblies – Smart Components: Smart Component features cannot be inserted when Smart Component is in sub assembly
536410 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Static Solver: Error message – Equilibrium not achieved.
569627 SOLIDWORKS PDM -Administration: Foreign Language – Russian: ‘Create new vault’ – ‘Select configuration details’ – Description for Convert task is truncated using non-English language (Russian).
620856 SOLIDWORKS PDM -Administration: Foreign Language – Russian: ‘Create new vault’ – ‘Select configuration details’ – Description for Design checker task is truncated using non- English language (Russian).
626117 eDrawings – Display: Customer font (barcode) is not displayed properly in eDrawings eDrawings
639742 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Static Solver: Enhancement: When a Static study with Large displacements fails, write in the Solver Messages the percentage of load factor reached.
650195 Drawings, Tables- Annotations: Balloon is linked to subassembly property even if attached to sub-assembly’s child component when subassembly is set as Promote and Top-level only BOM
659782 eDrawings, Import – DXF, DWG: eDrawings crash when trying to open DWG files (inconsistant)
675362 Routing – Flatten: When flattening a route having multi pin connectors; there is a gap left between wire and connector.
677299 Drawings, Annotations, Notes, Balloons: SOLIDWORKS 2013 doesn’t have the possibility to show the “cut list name” property in the balloons.
681912 User Interface, Feature Manager: Cannot create folder in assembly Feature Manager Tree – Receive error saying “An invalid argument was encountered”.
688021 Routing – Flatten: Connectors are disjointed from Route after flattening with Manufacture/ Annotation option.
718795 SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Connector – Bolt, Static Solver:*model specific* large negative axial force for bolt connector when ‘no penetration’ contact is present.
768571 Routing – Bill of Material (BOM): Enabling the BOM option ‘Group pipes or tubes with the same diameter and schedule’ causes balloons to display with asterisks (*)
777887 Routing – Flatten Annotations – Drawings: When changing scale in a manufacturer flattened route drawing, length annotations lose position.
786845 Assembly, Open, Translator – General: All parts open with error when opening assembly from hyperlink
788511 Assembly, Mate – Standard: Lock rotation of concentric mate over defines assembly when it should not if geometry changes.
796751 Assemblies, Mate – Standard Defeature: Unable to mate coordinate system of assembly to coordinate system of defeature part. Warning ‘the default mate would be overrefined….please select below mate type’.
820705 Assemblies, Mate – Standard: Unlock Rotation works for All Configurations while Lock Rotation works only for the current configuration.
845817 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Plane 2D Solver: Wrong results in 2D Plane Strain nonlinear study with Update Load Direction with Deflection
860097 SOLIDWORKS Inspection – PDF: Inspection truncates SOLIDWORKS dimension values instead of rounding them in this drawing.
866883 SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) – Reports: Route cable will not automatically update the cable length in SWE 2D report. Delete cable in SWE 3D will not update the cable length in report.
868498 SOLIDWORKS PDM Foreign Language – Chinese: SOLIDWORKS PDM 2015 will show the smaller and narrow Chinese characters in file list than SOLIDWORKS PDM 2014 SOLIDWORKS PDM
875320 Assemblies, Save, Close: Error saving this file
895507 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Libraries: Already updated manufacturer part data still in update list after reopen the project if manufacturer part has rootmark value
916671 SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Addin: Balloons created by inspection does not change its color when applied through layer properties.
918012 Assemblies, Display, Mate – Standard: Adding mate to transparent component removes transparency.
920480 eDrawings – Mac: Enhancement: Provide a version of eDrawings for Mac (OSX) that can open SOLIDWORKS or eDrawings 2016 format files
934612 SOLIDWORKS Similation – Weldment Postprocessing : When using the "Render Beam Profile" option, the twist in some beams is plotted opposite the true direction.
940931 eDrawings shows wrong dimension, if opened for long period.
943106 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Nonlinear Postprocessing: Incorrect response graph for Contact pressure plot in 2016
954013 eDrawings – User Interface: eDrawings doesn’t remember its new open window position if the app is closed in a size less than its default size.
964985 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Help Topics: Help topic ‘Simulation’ SOLIDWORKS > ‘SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fundamentals’ > ‘Running Studies’ incorrectly only lists three options (Automatic, Direct Sparse, FFEPlus)
965209 Assemblies, Mate – Standard: Distance Mates to Cylindrical Components icon not display correctly when edit mate by view mate.
971322 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Installation: Server Client installation – When creating a new Project – Error : ‘xml document must have a top level element’
971658 Parts, Feature – Hole Advanced: Enhancement: Advanced hole is not supported for Component Pattern in assembly.
972895 User Interface – General: Closed loop selected via selection manager does not remain highlighted in Graphics Area.
973202 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Administration: Archives are not copied into zip file when using Collect Support Information from the PDM Administrator if done from a client computer
973302 Pack and Go: ‘Pack and Go’ crashes SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5 after installing 2016 SP4/SP5 on the same machine
974613 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Reports: Invalid query message on customized reports after clicking apply, but correct click test
974760 Assembly – General: File specific crash when choosing insert component with specific assembly open.
976785 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Administration, Help Documentation: Information about the Dynamic notification is missing when using help from the ‘Transition Property’ dialog
976857 Documentation – Help: Need to update ‘What’s New’ document for FeatureWorks.
978841 SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Render, Hardware: Ability to stop visualize render process. Visualize CPU/GPU usage is 100% when the render is paused.
979146 SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Addin: Foreign Language – German: Inspection add-in: Characteristic tree and properties ignores delimiter (comma) in German language.
979543 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Administration: Foreign Language – Russian: Create new vault >> ‘Review Information’ dialog text for ‘database server’ and ‘database name’ is truncated in
980425 SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard Polymer Database is missing all tabs except the Polymer-Material Parameters tab.
981200 Drawings, Annotations – Note, Balloon: Circumflex and Cedilla character letters are not overlapping with next letter in SWIsop1/2/ 3 fonts.
981365 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Report manager – Open "List of wires by line style" report takes too long
981869 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Replication: Foreign Language – General: ‘Add Groups/Users’ dialog title when adding member in database replication node is not localized using non-English language
985675 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Preview, – Windows Explorer Integration:Viewing hyperlinked files using the ‘Preview’ tab for files located outside of the PDM vault deletes the file
986110 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Search: Search and tools drop list and SOLIDWORKS PDM display of search card cause high reads and duration in ‘Crd_GetCards’ for user part of many groups.
987905 Installation General: ‘Your serial number do not entitle you to SW, or they expired…’ when attempting to install the SNL client .
989584 Assemblies – Lightweight: File Specific: Opening assembly in Lightweight or LAM and then setting to resolved causes crash when suppressing any feature.

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release)

About Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systemes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world.

Product: SolidWorks
Version: 2017 SP1
Supported Architectures: 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 / 8.x / 10
Size: 12.5 Gb

What's fixed in this release SSQ:
Устранен возможный сбой при копировании загрузчиков в Visualize в папки содержащие в названии точку. Проблема может проявиться на различных версиях Windows, четкой привязки к версиям ОС нет. Ну и между SP0 и SP1 все файловые операции были переведены на полную поддержку Unicode-имен.

Eliminating the possibility of failure containing the point name when copying downloaders to Visualize in folders. The problem may occur on different versions of Windows, a clear reference to the version of the OS is not. Well, between SP0 and SP1, all file operations are translated into full support for Unicode-names.

SolidWorks 2017 SP1 (SSQ fixed release)

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All parts interchanged. Added by 3% of the overall size of the archive of information for the restoration and the volume for the restoration

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