SoftInterface Convert XLS 11.20

SoftInterface Convert XLS 11.20

SoftInterface Convert XLS 11.20 Multilingual | 6.3 MB

Convert XLS is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file conversion utility specifically designed for MS Excel, text, html/xml and comma (or any other character) delimited (CSV) files. If you need to convert one or thousands of files, located in one or many different folders, into a variety of different file types this is the tool.

‘Convert XLS’ can be especially useful if you require complicated conversion jobs done on a regular basis. By saving and recalling a conversion job file, ‘Convert XLS’ quickly remembers all the conversion tasks and their details. The conversion job can be used with the built in scheduler. Also, ‘Convert XLS’ may be run from the command line (COM/ActiveX also) allowing for use in batch files or from within other programs.

Excel, Text, CSV, and xml/html are just a few of the formats you may convert your files to and from. In addition to doing file conversion, ‘Convert XLS’ also has features to further enhance its usefulness. For example it has a built in scheduler and can do many conversion tasks without the need of MS Excel. In fact it can do some conversions 20 times faster than MS Excel can do.

Convert XLS Features
• Save and restore complex conversion configurations.
• Convert Excel files to and from XLS/XLSX/Text/CSV/HTML/XML without requiring MS Excel to be installed. If you do have MS Excel, ‘Convert XLS’ will support all file types in addition to TXT, XML, CSV etc. (see table below for a listing).
• Advanced Excel Manipulation Special processes including moving, deleting, adding and copying sheets. Append/Concatenate Excel files into a single sheet.
• Special processing of files including appending/concatenation, removing extra lines, launching 3rd party programs, search and replace strings and much more.
• XLSX Conversion now supported! Convert XLSX to CSV, HTML, XML, XLS, TXT etc.
• Numerous CSV (comma delimited file) manipulation features including padding, swapping out the delimiter and more. See below for more details.
• Move or delete input files after processing.
• Convert Fixed Width Text Files to/from Excel or CSV files.
• Supports recursive subfolders.
• Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at a later time.
• Automate ‘Convert XLS’ from the command line or use the COM/ActiveX interface. Complete flexibility, complete power.
• Can be adapted for all languages.

OS : Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language : Multilingual

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