Roy Buchanan – After Hours: Early Years 1957-1962 Recordings (2016)

Roy Buchanan - After Hours: Early Years 1957-1962 Recordings (2016)

Roy Buchanan – After Hours: Early Years 1957-1962 Recordings (2016)
Blues Rock, Rock, Oldies | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Atworks | 01:45:31 | 259 MB
Label: Soul Jam | Release Year: 2016

This remastered 2-CD edition contains Roy Buchanan’s earliest works, taped between 1957 and 1962, including a couple of singles released under his own name, plus a bunch of seminal collaborations as a session man and guitar slinger for such R&B and rock & roll pioneers as Dale Hawkins, Bob Luman, Freddy Cannon, and Danny and The Juniors, among others. These sensational recordings constitute a treasure of incalculable value, which would form the basis of Buchanan’s legend and secure his reputation as one of the greatest blues-rock figures ever.


CD 1:

01. Pretty Please
02. My Babe (Dale Hawkins)
03. Wild Guy (Freddy Cannon)
04. Buttercup (Bob Luman)
05. Route 66 (Paul Curry)
06. The Kick Step (Perry Mates)
07. Twin Exhaust (The Secrets)
08. Cha Cha Chu (Jerry Hawkins)
09. It’ll Be My First Time (Merle Kilgore)
10. He Will Come Back To Me (Alis Lesley)
11. The Jam Pt. 1 (Bobby Gregg & His Friends)
12. The Jam Pt. 2 (Bobby Gregg & His Friends)
13. When The Saint’s Go Twistin’… (Danny & The Juniors)
14. Ruby Bay (Cody Brennan & The Temps)
15. The Shuffle (Bobby & The Temps)
16. Gotta Go (Perry Mates)
17. Potato Peeler (Bobby Gregg)
18. Need Your Lovin’ (Jerry Hawkins)
19. Hot Toddy (The Secrets)
20. My Baby Walkes All Over Me (Bob Luman)
21. My Blue Heaven (Freddy Cannon)
22. After Hours

CD 2:

01. Mule Train Stomp
02. Teen Queen Of The Week (FREDDY CANNON)
03. I Got A Heart (Jerry Hawkins)
04. I Take A Trip To The Moon (Merle Kilgore)
05. Mary Lou (Bobby & The Temps)
06. I Want To Love You (Dale Hawkins)
07. Take My Heart (Dale Hawkins)
08. Grandma’s House (Dale Hawkins)
09. Wild, Wild World (Dale Hawkins)
10. Someday One Day (Dale Hawkins)
11. Dreamy Doll (Bob Luman)
12. Honeysuckle Rose (Paul Curry)
13. The Twist/Mother’s Club Twist (Danny & The Juniors)
14. Shake The Hand Of A Fool (Cody Brennan & The Temps)
15. Blue Skies (Freddy Cannon)
16. Swing, Daddy Swing (Jerry Hawkins)
17. Lonely Nights (Jerry Hawkins)
18. Lucky Johnny (Jerry Hawkins)
19. Am I The One (Cody Brennan & The Temps)
20. Class Of 59 (Bob Luman)
21. The Blacksmith Blues (Freddy Cannon)
22. Whiskers

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