Robyn Ludwick – This Tall to Ride (2017)

Robyn Ludwick - This Tall to Ride (2017)

Robyn Ludwick – This Tall to Ride (2017)
Rock, Country, Americana, Singer/Songwriter | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:40:21 | 96 MB
Label: Robyn Ludwick

Songwriter and singer Robyn Ludwick’s songs of hard living, romance, and dreams broken or otherwise come straight out of her native Texas hill country, a region famous for its songwriters and musicians, all of whom seem to practice a kind of realist country-pop that is as confessional as it is particular. Ludwick certainly had the pedigree when she made her recorded debut in 2005 with the self-released For So Long album her brothers were musicians Bruce and Charlie Robison, and her husband was bassist John Ludwick, which in turn made country singer Kelly Willis her sister-in-law but she was anything but eager to the table. She was 30 years old and the mother of a young child when the songs started coming, and they were astoundingly good, the work of a grown woman who had seen life happen to her and her friends long enough to give her songs a sharp sense of wisdom and emotional depth, all of which provided For So Long an uncommon resonance. It also gathered a lot of praise from critics and fans. Ludwick, although she waited a long time to toss her hat into the musical ring, was a fully matured artist when she finally did. The release of her second album, Too Much Desire, in 2008, only underscored the point.


01. Love You for It
02. Rock ‘n’ Roll Shoes
03. Lie to Me
04. Freight Train
05. Bars Ain’t Closin’
06. Insider
07. Mexia
08. Wrong Turn Gone
09. Junkies and Clowns
10. Texas Jesus

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