Rio Mira – Marimba del Pacífico (2017)

Rio Mira - Marimba del Pacífico (2017)

Rio Mira – Marimba del Pacífico (2017)
World, Colombia | 41:27 min | MP3, 320 kbps | 105 MB
Label: AYA Records

Colombia is the new Cuba — a country spectacularly rich in tropical music of astonishing variety, particularly the Pacific coast, with its large African population. Rio Mira, named after a local river, is a band of Colombian and Ecuadorean musicians focusing on the regional marimba music that has Unesco Intangible Heritage status. The album was produced by Iván Benavides, one of Colombia’s leading producers. It’s admirable that Benavides hasn’t tried to update the dozen songs about the region and its spiritual roots. Singer Karla Kanora takes the lead with gospel-like call-and-response vocals surrounded by an aura of xylophone-like marimba. Other songs — such as Guarapo — add an impressive line-up of drums and percussion.


01. Rio Mira – Adios Morena
02. Rio Mira – Agua
03. Rio Mira – Guarapo
04. Rio Mira – Nina Elena
05. Rio Mira – Roman Roman
06. Rio Mira – Aguacerito
07. Rio Mira – Patacore
08. Rio Mira – Torbellino
09. Rio Mira – Ronca Canalete
10. Rio Mira – Andarele
11. Rio Mira – Estaban Llorando
12. Rio Mira – Chikungunya

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