Principle 2.1.3 MacOSX

Principle 2.1.3 MacOSX

Principle 2.1.3 | MacOSX | 7.2 MB

Generate interactive, animated interface designs for your apps to test out new ideas or create entire prototypes, with this easy-to-use tool.

If you are an app designer, you probably get bombarded with new ideas constantly, most of which never see the light of day. Of course, you cannot possibly test all of them, but it can be useful to have access to a tool that allows you to experiment with various concepts and interface designs.

Principle is an intuitive OS X app created for this particular purpose. It can help you generate animated, interactive designs, with customizable layouts and transitions. The results can be recorded and shared with others or viewed directly on your mobile device.

Design your app’s interface by adding objects and setting up interactions and animations
Your project is split into multiple artboards, each containing a certain number of layers. You can import image files and insert customizable objects or text items.

Interactions are handled with the use of drivers and animations, all of which are displayed in an accessible timeline view, making it simple to alter their properties and get an overall idea of the state of your project.

Offers a live preview window and can record animations
You can get an idea of what the finished app would look like and interact with your design at any time.

Of course, you will definitely want to show the end result to others, and Principle provides a simple way to do that. You can record any actions performed in the preview window and export the captured content to QuickTime MOV videos or GIF animations.

Minimalistic interface that does away with any unwanted elements
When you are designing a new app, any distractions can reduce your productivity and prevent you from staying focused on your project. Principle displays only the functions that are absolutely necessary in the main window, dedicating as much space as possible to the canvas where your designs are placed.

If you are not using a tabled or trackpad, navigating through the various artbooks may be more difficult, but it is made easier with the many keyboard shortcuts detailed on the developer’s homepage.

All in all, Principle is a simple utility that can be very useful for app creators, as it provides a relatively straightforward method of setting up and recording interactive interface designs.

– Principle’s timeline makes it quick work to illustrate the perfect bounce, ease, and pop.
– Want to design a totally new interaction? Principle gives you the freedom to experiment without limiting you to pre-defined transitions.
– It’s a breeze to design the flow of a multi-screen app; and when you’re done you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of all your screens.
– Showing your designs has never been simpler with the record feature: Export a video or an animated gif that can be shared on Dribbble, Twitter, and wherever else you’d like.

What's new in Principle 2.1.3
Fix a bug causing dragged in Principle files to become layers instead of components
Mirroring performance improvements
Fix bug preventing animation and driver panels from remembering their height
Fix a bug on 10.11 causing the preview toolbar to disappear when docking the preview window
Fixed crash when editing or undo edits on components
Fixed crash when entering an invalid number value in the inspector
Fix bug in which driver keyframes wouldn’t get added after making an edit
Principle will be less annoying about letting you know there is a new version
Made it easier to rearrange layers in the layer list without accidentally adding them to a group
Undoing create component now correctly restores the layer’s original positions
Improved import compatibility with Sketch 42 layers with multiple radiuses

Requirements Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.9 or later
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