Nadeah – While The Heart Beats (2016)

Nadeah - While The Heart Beats (2016)

Nadeah – While The Heart Beats
Indie Pop | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 45:08 min | 103 MB
Label: Kwaidan Records | Tracks: 11 | 2016

Produced by Rob Ellis ( PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi) and Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague)) ‘While the Heart Beats…’ is a departure from the 1930’s musically styled ‘Venus Gets Even’ and touches on a more electro-funk vibe, reminiscent of her earlier guitar-based musical endeavours. It speaks about the human condition- heartbreak, hope, fear, addiction and celebrates all aspects of the human experience, good and bad. Why the title? “I was reading a George Elliot story and this was the stand out line. -While the heart beats, bruise it. It is your only opportunity- It touched me because sometimes you really do wonder what the point to pain is. This line reminded me that unless, alongside your joys and successes, you experience failure, betrayal, disappointment and allow it transform you for the better, you have not really lived. Without the shadow feelings you don’t really know, experientially, the magnitude of life and the richness of all its guises . Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is just bullshit pop psycho-babble. But it made me feel better about the fact that sometimes, life can be really tough. It reminded me that there is something incredibly valuable about these emotions which I had previously done everything within my power to avoid.”

1 Met A Man (Radio edit) 04:10
2 One Way Lie 03:45
3 Ordinary Colours 04:48
4 Kansas 03:28
5 Unknow 03:25
6 Run 04:37
7 Darling 03:45
8 Get Out Of Your Head 05:20
9 She Said 03:47
10 RH Jam 05:08
11 Pocketful Of Holes 02:59

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