Michel Cusson – Solo (2016)

Michel Cusson - Solo (2016)

Michel Cusson – Solo (2016)
Jazz, Guitar, Electronic | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:48:06 | 110 MB
Label: Melodika Records | Release Year: 2016

This is the soundtrack to a real life event. Years ago on an East Coast beach I witnessed a panic-stricken woman throw away her family photo albums in the ocean, as if to erase her past, her entire life. Once she left, I felt compelled to save the photographs before they could drift away at sea. I put them in a box and forgot about it until one day, years later, I opened it up and noticed that they had transformed into this strangely beautiful wash of colors, eerie human figures that seemed to tell a story that parallels my own life. It inspired me to create a soundtrack to our stories, an homage to family and destiny.


01. Drowning Memories
02. Hope Highway
03. Found and Lost (Love Ya, Miss U)
04. Spanish Motel
05. Looking Back on Destiny
06. Strangeness of Beauty
07. Life in a Grain of Sand
08. Not Without Any Scars
09. The Best of Us Are Damaged

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