Latrese Bush – The Collection (2017)

Latrese Bush - The Collection (2017)

Latrese Bush – The Collection (2017)
RnB, Soul, Jazz | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:36:13 | 101 MB
Label: Burnbush Entertainment

The Collection is a compilation of masterfully produced and beautifully written songs and remixes presented by the inspirational R&B Jazz songstress, Latrese Bush. This beautifully crafted album takes you on the proverbial love train ride through the ups and downs of love. The artist has garnered a reputation for singing beautiful love songs. She possesses the rare skills of great vocalists before her that are able to float seamlessly from R&B, Jazz into Gospel genres. If you love the music of Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Luther Vandross you will love Latrese’s music. She’s an admitted love optimist. You will find songs on The Collection like the quintessential wedding songs “The Best” and “Love I Can Sing About” that demonstrates what most women and men want – “to be shown the kind of love you only dream of” and to be so “unbelievably swept up in [someone’s] charm”. Latrese says “my songs are my prayers for the blissful love experience I deserve and hope to have”. Although she’s an optimist, Latrese, she knows that love at times can be real sweet but then it can sour. Her song “6 Ft Under” is a contemporary R&B selection that conveys what can happen when love goes wrong. There is no surprise that “6 Ft Under” is a crowd favorite, because it is a very real view of how quickly things can change when it comes to the matters of the heart. Oh and Latrese and the track sound amazing! Being a woman of faith, Latrese knows that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Her song “Hope” drives this belief home that you “gotta have a little hope” in every circumstance. She believes that if you keep the faith that just around the bend you can find a love that’s demonstrated in her UK Soul and Indie Soul Music chart #1 single entitled “Because of You”. This feel good song featuring R&B soul star Noel Gourdin, and is the lead single from The Collection. In the midst of this fast paced human experience, real authentic heart connections can sometimes be lost through ‘instant messages’. “Because Of You” is the kind of song that takes you back to love expressed through a letter sent by mail. She says that “Love will never fail and I will always sing about its power.”’ The Collection is Latrese’s offering of melodic conversations backed by gorgeous production. The album is meant to encourage all to stay hopeful and faithful that you will one day find a love worth living for and singing about.


01. Great Day
02. The Best
03. 6 Ft Under
04. Because Of You (Feat. Noel Gourdin)
05. Love I Can Sing About
06. Hope
07. 6 Ft Under (Tag Team Remix)
08. Because Of You (Daz-I-Kue Bb Boogie Mix) [Feat. Noel Gourdin]
09. Love I Can Sing About (Tom Glide Remix)

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