Hair Of The Dog – The Siren's Song (2015)

Hair Of The Dog - The Siren's Song (2015)

Hair Of The Dog – The Siren’s Song (2015)
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Vintage Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Blues Rock | Country: Scotland | Label: Kozmik-Artifactz

Is there a more rock and roll name than Hair Of The Dog? Its very thought conjures up left over Jack Daniels swigged from the bottle after a heavy night on the tiles. A purely 1970’s concept wrapped up in greasy biker threads and semi-clad women draped off the arm of the lead singer. It’s a time worn thing and pretty much related to a distant past now, one that maybe should stay hidden. But that’s the rub, it just won’t stay hidden and for every major rock star stating that rock is dead, along comes another new upstart to prove there is life in the old dog yet and this weeks Almost Famous debutants are this rather fantastic band from Edinburgh.

Totally in thrall to that bygone age when music was about pure rock and roll, Hair Of The Dog follow a retro path, but in a vein similar to the excellent Howlin’ Rain from across the pond, they bring it bang up to date. That doesn’t mean in simple production terms either, what we have instead is a revitalised genre being picked up by a younger breed eager to show their chops after discovering the legacy in their parents album collections.
That there may just be a clue as to why there are so many bands out there sounding like they have stepped out of a time machine, but one thing is for sure, they have given the music scene a vital kick up the ass and with a ready made audience already there with the older crowd, have also caused some symbiosis with the younger ones. A mutual appreciation society.

The Siren’s Song never let’s up in its blues filled quest as over ten tracks they explore the many aspects that made rock great. Underpinning it all is the excellent soulful voice of Adam Holt who keeps in check the firm rock of Jon Holt (drums) and Iain Thomas (bass) whilst pounding out riff after riff. Indeed, one of the more surprising aspects is that they are a three piece. It’s stripped down, but all the music you will ever need.
Hair Of The Dog’s power lies in their ability to change from chugging rocker to blown out blues soul epic, sometimes in the space of one song. They don’t slip into any standard rock filler, which makes a change and there is a seriousness throughout that if the music wasn’t delivered with such delight, could almost feel po faced. There is also a supremely funky feel to it all too, which brings to mind early Aerosmith when they weren’t afraid to have some swagger to their music.

By the time you get to ‘Weary Bones’ you will be completely in love with this band and rightly so. It’s no-nonsense music which simply rocks. It wears its heart on its sleeve and knows exactly who its influences are. Cleverly these influences have been mined for the best bits making Hair Of The Dog both a band you feel like you have known all your life, but also a completely new prospect. If there is a resurgence in classic rock then this band deserve to be at the vanguard. A complete thrill.

Track List:
01. Into The Storm
02. You Soft Spoken Thing
03. Don’t Know My Name
04. The Spell
05. Weary Bones
06. Gypsy Eyes
07. My Only Home
08. Wage with the Devil
09. The Siren’s Song Pt.1
10. The Siren’s Song Pt.2

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