Fellucans Versatil-ID Pro 6.4.2

Fellucans Versatil-ID Pro 6.4.2

Fellucans Versatil-ID Pro 6.4.2 | 47.8 MB

Versatil-ID is reliable, innovative and customizable identification! Worldwide acclaimed unique identification software with multiple identification modes, support for a variety of database engines, exportable data in any imaginable format including a report designer, fully configurable by end user and video tutorials for a smooth implementation in a standalone application or integrated into new or existing projects.

Versatil-ID is fully functional without the need of further means unless you want to authenticate users by fingerprint biometrics, a barcode printed on ID card or a contactless card. To implement the Photo-ID feature you will need a webcam.

Biometric Templates and Computer Limitations

The allowed number of users is not limited by the application, except for EZ edition, but by your computer’s available disk and memory space as well as your own database engine. Additionally, application performance may vary depending on available memory, number of users and other factors.

Given biometric hardware limitations, the number of fingerprint templates allowed are: Certis 2,500 fingerprints, Lumidigm 10,000 with the V31x and Digital Persona 20,000.

Access Control

Versatil-ID supports communication with Insteon’s PowerLinc USB Modem through which it can send signals to other Insteon devices for access control.

Home Page – http://www.versatil-id.com/en/index.php

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