Ducktails – Daffy Duck In Hollywood (2017)

Ducktails - Daffy Duck In Hollywood (2017)

Ducktails – Daffy Duck In Hollywood (2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 00:59:14 | 70.88 Mb (CD1) + 67.71 Mb (CD2)
Alternative, Psychedelic Pop, Indie | Country: USA | Label: New Images

Matt Mondanile aka Ducktails has released Daffy Duck In Hollywood, a new compilation of unheard music recorded over the last two years in his current home of Los Angeles. The release is available as a digital cassette through Mondanile’s label New Images. Today you can stream the entire B-side of the album in a single 30-minute sprawl of hazy synths and knotty guitar melodies. Mondanile is still at work on the follow-up to 2015’s St. Catherine which he described to us at the time as “really crazy sounding with a lot of fucked up noises…like Neil Young against a skyscraper.” He’s currently on tour with James Ferraro and Spencer Clark.

This is an exclusive digital cassette for the Ducktails, James Ferraro, Typhonian Highlife Euroflex 2017 tour. Featuring 60 minutes of unreleased music recorded by Matthew Mondanile between 2014 – 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. This isn’t an album but a collection of songs from different recording sessions.

Side A:
1. Prelude 04:33
2. Jane 05:07
3. Silence To Sing 03:13
4. The Patio 03:47
5. The Mockingbird 04:33
6. Don’t Want To Let You Know 05:48
7. The Conversation 03:19

Side B:
8. Emma’s Trip 01:48
9. Carousel 02:43
10. San Gabriel Valley 02:39
11. Running Out of Love 06:52
12. Angel Wings 04:03
13. Cemetery Dance 04:33
14. Venetian Song 01:59
15. x66 04:11

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