Dr. Dubenstein – Conspiracy Theory (2017)

Dr. Dubenstein - Conspiracy Theory (2017)

Dr. Dubenstein – Conspiracy Theory (2017)
Reggae, Dub | 1:12:30 | MP3, 320 kbps | 166 MB
Label: Big D Records

On their debut album, Dr. Dubenstein hit listeners with discourse dub with a conspiratorial touchdown – thus easily garnering themselves the accolade of being one of the most interesting acts of their genre this year. Cushioned by a thick blanket of conspiracy theories, Derrick Parker aka Dr. Dubenstein climbs up out of his misty cave into the dazzling daylight and entrances listeners with a dreamy, sure handed mixture of roots, psychedelic spirit and electronic tinkering that guides us unerringly to an altered state. It’s almost like the soundtrack to a new world order – this is cinematic dub by people who really know what they’re doing.

The former employee of the legendary RAS Records Labels from Washington DC gathered up some high-carat collaborators to join him in his submarine. Formidable musicians from Steel Pulse, Dub Syndicate, Roots Radics jam and conjure up heavily rolling rhythms – and rumour has it that there were even WAILERS warhorses involved in the project to add some melody. The complex balance between roots and discourse dub is an art that only few have mastered. The track Flabba’s I Pad (which refers to Flabba Holt – bassist of the legendary Roots Radics) opens with promising beats and loops that have been given lavish mechanical treatment and which are a sheer joy to hear. In big, spacious arrangements, catchy stoned tunes come zipping around the corner and unite tradition and modernism. Dr. Dubenstein (whose studio is in Washington DC) has delivered a deeply impressive album that sounds like an infinite loop and is simultaneously fresh, new and appealing.

01. Dr. Dubenstein – Conspiracy Theory (Intro)
02. Dr. Dubenstein – Conspiracy Theory Dub
03. Dr. Dubenstein – Mind Control Experimental Dub
04. Dr. Dubenstein – Flabba’s I Pad
05. Dr. Dubenstein – Illuminati Dub
06. Dr. Dubenstein – Dub X Ultra Ft Rootsy Nassir
07. Dr. Dubenstein – Black Men In Dub
08. Dr. Dubenstein – Pentigon Bomb Dub
09. Dr. Dubenstein – Diana’s Dub Tunnel Ft Rebecca Waller
10. Dr. Dubenstein – Simian Virus 40 (Sv40) Dub
11. Dr. Dubenstein – Dread Pirate Roberts Dub
12. Dr. Dubenstein – Black Dragon Society Dub Ft Nesta Lion
13. Dr. Dubenstein – Tulsa Burning Dub
14. Dr. Dubenstein – Mystical Dub (Featuring Solana Carrega)
15. Dr. Dubenstein – Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) In Dub
16. Dr. Dubenstein – Simian Virus 40 Version Ft S. Vidal Quintero
17. Dr. Dubenstein – Conspiracy Theory Version Ft Scott Paynter

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