Die Antwoord – Made By God (Chapter I-II) (2017)

Die Antwoord - Made By God (Chapter I-II) (2017)

Die Antwoord – Made By God (Chapter I-II) (2017)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 84.35 Mb (Chapter I) + 96.97 Mb (Chapter II)
Electronic, Alternative, Instrumental Hip-Hop | Country: South Africa | Label: Zef Records

Over the past decade Die Antwoord have become a household name, in part due to their off-centered live performances and stage presence, but mostly because of their unique blend of South African trip-hop mixed with electronic beats. Made By God will be a series of albums that showcase the man behind the masks turntable abilities. Chapter 1 is the first installment in the series and will be released Friday April 14th.

Track List (Chapter I, 00:36:24):
01 – Fok Julle Naaiers (Instrumental)
02 – So What (Instrumental)
03 – Raging Zef Boner (Instrumental)
04 – Ugly Boy (Instrumental)
05 – Strunk (Instrumental)
06 – I Don’t Dwank (Instrumental)
07 – Happy Go Sucky Fucky (Instrumental)
08 – Never Le Nkemise 1 (Instrumental)
09 – I Fink U Freeky (Instrumental)
10 – Enter The Ninja (Instrumental)

Die Antwoord - Made By God (Chapter I-II) (2017)

Track List (Chapter II, 00:42:19):
01. DAZED AND CONFUSED (Instrumental)
02. PITBULL TERRIER (Instrumental)
03. U MAKE A NINJA WANNA FUCK (Instrumental)
04. HEY SEXY (Instrumental)
05. BABY’S ON FIRE (Instrumental)
06. BEAT BOY (Instrumental)
07. XPN$IV $H1T (Instrumental)
08. STOOPID RICH (Instrumental)
09. I DON’T CARE (Instrumental)
10. MOON LOVE (Instrumental)

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