Demoniac – Malleus Christianitatis (2016)

Demoniac - Malleus Christianitatis (2016)

Demoniac – Malleus Christianitatis (2016)
Germany | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 118 MB
Black Metal | Label : Misanthrophia Discos

Demoniac is the follow up band of the Death Metal band Purulent Obduction (1989-1993) that changed it’s name in early 1993. They didn’t change their Doom/Death Metal style until Blacksoul joined in mid 1993 and the whole song material became more Black/Death Metal influenced and much faster. In January 1994 Count Damien Nightsky and Lord Asmoday had been kicked out and later formed Andras while the remaining members continued as Moonblood after releasing the last Demoniac-demo (a kinda compilation of earlier recordings) that was recorded still together in late 1993. The band reunited in summer 2013 with the original Purulent Obduction line-up.

Tracklist :

1. The Clarity of Death
2. Blood Craving
3. At the Sinner’s Stake
4. Mortal Woe
5. 10000 Graves
6. Of Light and Obscurity
7. The Confession
8. Diabolical Christening
9. Inquisition
10. Sacrification
11. Darkness in the Sign of Evil

Total playing time 52:04

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