Chicago – Now More Than Ever: The History Of Chicago (2016)

Chicago - Now More Than Ever: The History Of Chicago (2016)

Chicago – Now More Than Ever: The History Of Chicago (2016)
Pop Rock | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 03:49:31 | 528 MB
Label: Rhino | Release Year: 2016

According to Billboard chart statistics, Chicago is second only to the Beach Boys as the most successful American rock band of all time, in terms of both albums and singles. Judged by album sales alone, as certified by the R.I.A.A., the band does not rank quite so high, but it is still among the Top Ten best-selling U.S. groups ever. If such statements of fact surprise, that’s because Chicago has been singularly underrated since the beginning of its long career, both because of its musical ambitions to the musicians, rock is only one of several styles of music to be used and blended, along with classical, jazz, R&B, and pop and because of its refusal to emphasize celebrity over the music. The result has been that many critics have consistently failed to appreciate its music and that its media profile has always been low. At the same time, however, Chicago has succeeded in the ways it intended to. From the beginning of its emergence as a national act, it has been able to fill arenas with satisfied fans. And beyond the impressive sales and chart statistics, its music has endured, played constantly on the radio and instantly familiar to tens of millions.


01. Introduction (Remastered)
02. Listen (Remastered)
03. Beginnings (Remastered)
04. Questions 67 And 68 (Remastered)
05. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Remastered)
06. Liberation (Remastered)
07. I’m A Man (Remastered)
08. Free Form Guitar (Remastered)
09. Movin’ In (Remastered)
10. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Remastered)
11. Fancy Colours (Remastered)
12. Make Me Smile (Remastered)
13. So Much To Say, So Much To Give (Remastered)
14. Anxiety’s Moment (Remastered)
15. West Virginia Fantasies (Remastered)
16. Colour My World (Remastered)
17. To Be Free (Remastered)
18. Now More Than Ever (Remastered)
19. It Better End Soon, 1St Movement (Remastered)
20. It Better End Soon, 2Nd Movement (Remastered)
21. It Better End Soon, 3Rd Movement (Remastered)
22. It Better End Soon, 4Th Movement (Remastered)
23. Where Do We Go From Here (Remastered)
24. Flight 602 (Remastered)
25. Motorboat To Mars (Remastered)
26. Free (Remastered)
27. Free Country (Remastered)
28. At The Sunrise (Remastered)
29. Happy ’cause I’m Going Home (Remastered)
30. Saturday In The Park (Remastered)
31. Now That You’ve Gone (Remastered)
32. Dialogue (Part One) [Remastered]
33. Dialogue (Part Two) [Remastered]
34. Just You ‘n’ Me (Remastered)
35. What’s This World Comin’ To (Remastered)
36. Call On Me (Remastered)
37. Devil’s Sweet (Remastered)
38. Harry Truman (Remastered)
39. If You Leave Me Now (Remastered)
40. The Inner Struggles Of A Man (Remastered)
41. Mississippi Delta City Blues (Remastered)
42. Run Away (Remastered)
43. Reruns (Remastered)
44. Street Player (Remastered)
45. Thunder And Lightning (Remastered)
46. Hard To Say I’m Sorry Get Away (Remastered)
47. Chains (Remastered)
48. Hard Habit To Break (Remastered)
49. Along Comes A Woman (Remastered)
50. You’re The Inspiration (Remastered)
51. We Can Stop The Hurtin’ (Remastered)
52. Will You Still Love Me (Remastered)
53. Look Away (Remastered)

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