Bulk Device USB Transfer

Bulk Device USB Transfer

Bulk Device USB Transfer | 5.1 MB

Bulk Device USB Transfer (BDUT) is a dead simple app with just one purpose: get files from a computer to a lot of iOS devices as fast as possible. This isn’t an app for everyone. It’s an app for organizations with a lot of devices and large files.

Fast Transfer Rate Possible
Transfer files at up to 29 MB/s over USB 3.0 to multiple devices at once. That’s about 30 seconds per GB–good luck with getting that kind of speed over WiFi!

Dead Simple
This is as simple of an app as they come. It has one job and does it. It’s got a dead simple and clean installer and it won’t mess up anything else on your computer.

Custom Target Directory Syncing
BDUT transfers files into your apps directory so you can avoid doing this painstaking process using WiFi or iTunes. BDUT’s preferences menu lets you choose which app and what directory you want to load up.

Homepage – https://www.macroplant.com/enterprise/bulk-device-usb-transfer/

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