Bomg/Khola Cosmica – Split CD (2015)

Bomg/Khola Cosmica - Split CD (2015)

Bomg/Khola Cosmica – Split CD (2015)
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Today’s dose comes from Japan and Ukraine, where earlier this month two enigmatic bands split one hell of an incredible album. The first three tracks by Tokyo’s KHOLA COSMICA represent some of the most beautifully emotive instrumental doom metal on record. Khola Cosmica is Ryuhi Inari on guitar, Kensuke Suzuki on bass, and Futoshi Ohko on drums–with all three sharing vocals. This is their first release in 4 years, both now available on the new Voron Nest label, with art by Viktor Muhin.

There’s an uncanny sense of deja vu about “The Big Black,” as the first track’s recognizable theme is repeated time and again with slight variation and new layers of complexity.

The second track, “Decipher,” ventures into ambient territory after some wild, noisy psychedelic meandering that gets quite weird and loud, before settling on a conclusion.

By the time track three (“Kojo”) arrives, we’re squarely back in doom territory, with thick, crushing chords and fuzzy, crunchy, low-tuned stomping. All three pieces make a very nice continuum, working together not unlike a classical sonata.

If “cosmic doom” sums up the first band on the split, then I dub the Ukrainian BOMG’s style to be “ancient tribal war-cry doom.” Turn “Herbivore-Carnivore” up all the way to 11 and you’ll be doing more than shaking the pictures off your flatmate’s wall; you’ll be having all the good people of your apartment complex convinced that the end is nigh. Even more so in the closing minutes, which turn into an unexpected, frenetic march (with some redemptive, Sleep-like sections that made me like this 30-minute behemoth all the more). I’ll be definitely seeking out more from the Kiev-based four-piece band in the future.

A strange and satisfying record, strongly recommended for the audiophile doom and drone lover’s collection. Props to Voron Nest for putting this out there. The Goate is well pleased, indeed.

Tracklist :

1. Khola Cosmica – The Big Black 10:10
2. Khola Cosmica – Decipher 15:20
3. Khola Cosmica – Kojo 8:05
4. BOMG – Herbivore-Carnivore 29:42

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