Billion Dollar Babies – Die For Diamonds (2010)

Billion Dollar Babies - Die For Diamonds (2010)

Billion Dollar Babies – Die For Diamonds (2010)
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Glam Metal, Hard Rock | Country: Sweden | Label: Esmeralda Music Group (ESM001)

“Die for diamonds” is the debut album by Swedish glam metal band “Billion Dollar Babies”. The band consists of lead singer Frankie Rich, guitarists Pat Kramer and Jon Silver, bassist Nic Lester and drummer Robban Xiii. “B.D.Babies” come out as a glam metal package that seemingly has it all: Catchy compositions, a captivating front-man, classy production and amazing looks by all four band members.

Still a more in-depth look verifies that this band is much more than what first impression would suggest. For that matter we are not just talking of infectious material but songs that hold tons of drama and a glimpse of hope, reaching the very definition of musical glamour. That is largely due to the abilities of the musicians which go beyond the stereotypical hair metal group; Singer Frankie Rich has an incredibly melodic voice that comes incredibly close to the AOR-side of Glenn Hughes clearly capable of delivering both rock-star attitude and drama, depending on the mood of each song, and his ability to balance the two make him a standout front-man.

The guitarist of the band are also a team to praise as beyond riffs and melodies they exchange phrases and shredding, making every part of the song an experience while demonstrating excelling technique. Favorite tracks include “Restless Minds”, “Highest Mountains”, “Key to my heart”, “Stand you ground” and “Second time around”. Overall “Billion dollar babies – die for diamonds” is as substantial a glam metal album, as it gets, including all the qualities that will bring you back to its songs time and time again. Recommended to all fans of the genre and beyond.

Track List:
01. Boys Night Out
02. Highest Mountain
03. Restless Minds
04. Lose It
05. Key To My Heart
06. Second Time Around
07. Right On Time
08. Stand Your Ground
09. Nineteen Ninety Four
10. We Don’t Live Forever

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