Anna Maria Jopek and Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Minione (2017)

Anna Maria Jopek and Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Minione (2017)

Anna Maria Jopek and Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Minione (2017)
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Label: Universal Music | Release Year: 2017

After exploring Japanese music ( "Haiku") and luzofońskiej ( "Sobremesa"), Anna Maria Jopek this time sing in Polish with the Cuban people. Anna Maria Jopek sings them with the Cuban trio of one of the greatest improvising pianists of our time – a phenomenal Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Of the hundreds of old tangos and Boler artists they chose the ones that inspire them most (eg "This last Sunday," "Rebecca," "Your mouth lie") and could become a bridge between what is past, the world of the 30s of last century and contemporary vocal music. Bridge between cultures – Polish, Cuban, Jewish, Argentine and American.

"When I work with musicians from different traditions of my music, always impresses me their otherness. That’s what they bring in recording becomes my spiritual wealth. They marvel at the enormity of the beautiful and truth at the crossroads of cultures and human sensitivity. Music is the language of unity "- says Anna Maria Jopek. "Working on the old tangos was magical. It is rare material such beauty, saturated and melancholy and mystery and eroticism. Recording from Gonzalo is pure mysticism. The presence of the self in every note teaches mindfulness and humility"


01. Twe Usta Kłamią
02. Kogo Nasza Miłość Obchodzi
03. Co Nam Zostało Z Tych Lat
04. Nie Wierzę Ci
05. Besame Mucho
06. Co Nam Zostało… Wybrzmienie
07. Pokoik Na Hożej
08. To Ostatnia Niedziela
09. Miasteczko Bełz
10. Nie Wierzę… Detal
11. Rebeka


Anna Maria Jopek – Voice
Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Piano
Armando Gola – Bass
Ernesto Simpson – Drums

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