Altium Designer 17.0.10

Altium Designer 17.0.10

Altium Designer 17.0.10 | 3.7 Gb

After experiencing record user growth in the past year, Altium has launched the latest version of their leading PCB design software with Altium Designer 17. This release further embodies Altium’s commitment to passionate design by significantly reducing the time spent on non-design related tasks. Designers can leverage several advanced new technologies to center their focus on actual design rather than the mundane tasks that often plague the design process.

Electronics design attracts engineers with a deeply ingrained passion for the creative process, yet most of their time is spent outside that realm. Altium Designer 17 allows engineers to indulge their passion by shifting their focus back to creating designs, as evident with ActiveRoute, the latest breakthrough in routing technology. ActiveRoute enables designers to interactively guide their routes across the entire board in minutes, allowing them more time to perfect their designs and come up with creative solutions to issues that arise during development. Coupled with the automated documentation technology in Draftsman, designers have the opportunity to bring innovation to the forefront by accurately communicating design intent the first time. With Altium Designer 17, engineers are no longer bound by a burdensome process that pulls them away from designs and are free to explore their creativity and produce more inspired designs.

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Version 17.0.10
Build: 617 Date: 8 February 2017

15398 Fixed regression bug that caused Eagle library import to fail.
15633 Fixed issue that prevented releasing mid-size projects due to "out of memory" errors.
15635 Fixed bug that caused the Release to Vault hotkey to not work (BC:7365).
15760 Fixed bug that caused incorrect designators to be assigned to "not fitted" components (BC:7447).
15805 Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module ‘WorkspaceManager.DLL’ during PCB Physical Differences comparison.
15998 Fixed bug where TC2 mode does not work when a user logged into Vault as an administrator while ignoring TC2 configuration.
16116 Fixed issue with DecimalSeparator being absent in scripting system due to an update in an underlying runtime library (BC:7343).
16119 Fixed bug that caused objects in imported Eagle .brd files to be assigned to the wrong layer.
16136 Removed requirement to select items when generating an ECO via the ItemManager.
16157 Fixed sorting in new Pick and Place file generator.
16194 Fixed regression bug that causes an access violation to occur in FPGA Pins after launching FPGA Signal Manager with a project which uses a Lattice MachXO device.
16198 Fixed bug that prevented generating BOMs from old designs created with templates in the project (with relative paths). Restored "Relative Path to Template File" functionality in BOM Configuration as it was in AD 16.1.12.
16206 Fixed an issue where checkout directories for SVNDblib Symbol and Footprint are no longer subdirectories of the Repository Working Folder (BC:7364).
16209 Fixed bug where graphical glitch appears in a drop down list control (Windows 10 OS).
16212 Fixed bug where special string for the SVN folder revision is named differently in PCB and Sch.
16217 Fixed bug that caused issues in scripts using TCoordRect (BC:7503).
16259 Fixed bug where "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message appears when creating a managed project.
16340 Draftsman – Fixed regression bug where Variant Drawing Style in Draftsman document was not on top of all other entities (BC:7567).
16377 Fixed regression bug where access violation appears after performing left-to-right selection during the holding keyboard button.
16382 Fixed a bug that disabled using the "Shift+c" keys or the "Clear" button to deselect objects that were selected in the schematic editor (BC:7351).

About Altium Ltd.

Altium Limited is an Australian multinational software corporation that focuses on 3D PCB design, electronics design and embedded system development software.

Altium Designer, a unified electronics design environment links all aspects of smart systems design in a single application that is priced as affordable as possible. With this unique range of technologies Altium enables electronics designers to innovate, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ‘ecosystems’, and create connected, intelligent products.

Product: Altium Designer
Version: 17.0.10 Build 617
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x
Size: 3.7 Gb

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Altium Designer 17.0.10

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