Ali Kuru – Egzotik (2017)

Ali Kuru - Egzotik (2017)

Ali Kuru – Egzotik (2017)
Electronic, Downtempo | 1:09:53 | MP3, 320 kbps | 175 MB
Label: Leng Records

Ali Kuru took a decision some years ago not to seek publicity, preferring instead to let his music speak for itself. Egzotik, his long awaited debut album, seems to have a fair few stories to tell. Smothered in evocative field recordings made around his home city of Istanbul, the album is notable for fusing exotic Persian instrumentation with grooves and sounds more readily associated with cosmic disco, krautrock, dub, Balearica and Detroit beatdown. On paper, it’s an unusual combination that should sound forced or contrived. In reality, it’s a brilliant example of an artist with a singular artistic vision achieving his goals. Put it this way: it’s amongst the most inspired and enjoyable debut albums we’ve heard this year.


01. Ali Kuru – Bazaar
02. Ali Kuru – Tangerine Dream
03. Ali Kuru – Zorba the Greek
04. Ali Kuru – Mirage
05. Ali Kuru – Return to Paradise
06. Ali Kuru – Le Voyage De Space
07. Ali Kuru – Hiyar
08. Ali Kuru – The Catcher in the Rye
09. Ali Kuru – Ashoka
10. Ali Kuru – Mount Damavand
11. Ali Kuru – Sacred Valley
12. Ali Kuru – Love
13. Ali Kuru – Jungle Flower
14. Ali Kuru – Lost Bedouin
15. Ali Kuru – Adios

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